Happy Times Hotel: Featuring Heather Holliday, Reuben Kaye and a host of daring deviants

Scaled happy times hotel

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Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

Coarse Language:




Other Warnings:

Depicts Violence, Loud Noises, Sexual References, Smoke Effects, Smoking, Strobe Lighting

Scaled happy times hotel

About this event

Welcome! You've arrived at your ultimate destination.

We'll make sure your time here is nothing short of sensational -- a joyous arrival, ecstatic stay and a very happy ending. Let us to check you in, as there's no way you'll want to check out.

Jump into bed with the creators of LIMBO and BLANC de BLANC as they lay on a full service: five-star entertainment with sword swallowing maids, contorting bellhops and a devilishly handsome maitre d'.

Experience the best this hell-bent house has to offer, with sensational international talent, a cracking live band and the hottest room service in town.

It's absolute bedlam in here (and things are really heating up). Consider your evening upgraded!

Ding Ding!

Presented by:
Strut & Fret Production House

Strut & Fret is a vibrant and passionately creative company that has delivered hundreds of world-class events in dynamic and challenging environments that engage, enthral and excite audiences both within Australia and Internationally.

Founding Director, Scott Maidment conceived and directed Strut & Fret productions including Blanc de Blanc, LIMBO, Limbo Unhinged and Cantina whilst also touring independent work from some of the best international artists in the world.

Strut & Fret’s work frequently combines theatre, circus, aerial and spectacle. This year Blanc de Blanc opened its residency in Las Vegas and LIMBO is about to celebrate its 1000th show!

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