GANify: Funhouse Mirror Machine

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Scaled ganify fringe 800x800 size321kb

About this event

Updating the carnival favourite funhouse mirrors for an AI era, have your image transformed by deep learning algorithms. Explore the depths of latent space to see who you really are, or who you could be. What does the machine see when it looks at you? Can a human fool technology?

Made by the makers and creators of the Perth Machine Learning Group and Perth Artifactory that brought you the poetry-bot BITLIT: Machine Poetry Corner at FRINGE WORLD 2019.

Presented by:
Perth Machine Learning Group + Perth Artifactory

The Perth Machine Learning Group is an open community that fosters peer education and application of machine learning and deep learning, with over 2,000 members and multiple meetups open to the public each week.
The Perth Artifactory is a non-profit maker space encouraging creative use of technology. The Osbourne Park space houses a communal workshop where members and casual users access tools and support to make anything they want.
Produced by the team behind the poetry robot BITLIT: Machine Poetry Corner at FRINGE WORLD 2019, creative producer Lauren Amos and co-producer Kim Balfour.

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