Fat Girls In Bike Shorts

Comedy / Cabaret
Regional WA
Scaled girls on bike
A hilarious glimpse into the life of two girls who are grabbing life by the 'handles' and holding on for the ride. Come laugh and learn why $8 at Kmart is all you need for a chafe-free summer, and why body shaming never made anyone like cake less.

"insightful and incisive, and -- most importantly -- had the packed out theatre in hysterics from start to finish." Rotunda Media

If you love life as much as you do snacking unnecessarily between meals, do yourself a favour and book a ticket to this show.

★★★★ ripitup.com.au

"Sitorus and Aberg are the perfect pairing!" ★★★★½ The Australian Times

"Full of energy and hilariously relatable, Aberg and Sitorus give us a show that is laugh-out-loud funny, but also an insightful look into how the world treats fat girls." ★★★★ ripitup

Presented by:
Euphorium Creative

The Comedy Emporium (soon to be re-branded as "Euphorium Arts") exists to inspire and develop the regional WA independent arts ecology by focusing on building artists, producers and space’s in which the community can invest directly in them. We are a social enterprise based in Geraldton WA and see a future where the role of the “Producer” is one of an innovator and leader in the arts sector. With a base of over 50 regional artists across our programs we focus on developing artists to a point where they can produce their own works that have been developed from a shared connection and cultural experience in our communities.


Circus Theatre at Fringe Central

Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, 6003, WA

Cargo Hold at Funtavia

189, Marine Terrace, Geraldton, WA, 6530