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Scaled 800 pints
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Performance accessibility

  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language

1 Venue

Shambles at The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Russell Square, James St, Northbridge, WA, 6003

Minors cannot attend this show.

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

Coarse Language:




Other Warnings:

Loud Noises, Mental Health

Please note:

Alcohol reference and use.

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor: Hot

Take your Fringe experience up a notch. Think first-date-friendly shows or ones to check out with your work pals.

Scaled 800 pints

About this event

Circus, Comedy, Stunts and Copious Amounts of Alcohol? This is a Raw, Rock a Roll Cabaret where every performer has been drinking! Each act sits at the back of the stage and isn't allowed to perform until they have finished their drink and stumble onto the stage. Hosted by Irish Alcohol enthusiast Logy Logan, these are the acts not allowed in the other shows! We are here to help and enable them to shine (and help them not to fall over or throw up)!

The acts have come from far and wide all over this beautiful globe, from home grown Australians to Europe and the UK. Come along, bring a beer and see the true Fringe of the Fringe!!!

Presented by:
Logy on fire

Logy is a Belfast based bearded multi manipulator and performer with over a decade of performing experience. From Northern Ireland, he has performed in many countries's all over the world as a successful Street and Stage performer with both comedy and circus.

Fringefeed reviews energised by Woodside

  • "This stand-out show will make you laugh, make you think, make you drink, and then laugh some more." - Fringefeed

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