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Hello, Asteroid
Fringefeed | 22 Jan 2022
"If I had an hour left on Earth, I may just spend it watching the ingenious and thought-provoking performance that is "Hello, Asteroid."
The Clubnosis Experience: House Music Guided Visualisation
Fringefeed | 22 Jan 2022
"Matt Hale has done it again. Bringing the beats, he helped the audience tune in to their own happy chemicals and had us grooving like no-one was watching."
Circus After Dark
Fringefeed | 22 Jan 2022
"Circus After Dark will have you on the edge of your seat and begging for more!"
The Music of Billy Joel - Adam Hall and the Soul Playboys
Fringefeed | 22 Jan 2022
"You know you’ve had a great night when you walk into the darkened streets feeling on top of the world and punching the air."
Fringefeed | 21 Jan 2022
"The Dirty HOO-HAA is a hilarious romp into the uninhibited improv comedy world, a show filled with belly laughs and jokes you’ll want to write down to tell your friends later."
The Confessional
Fringefeed | 21 Jan 2022
"From the moment you walk in, Delby and McLaren are warm and welcoming, transforming a crowd of strangers into an intimate gathering of friends."
Improv DnD
Fringefeed | 21 Jan 2022
"Adventure-packed, hilarious, and truly enthralling, this show is not to be missed!"
Impro Musical BangTown!
Fringefeed | 21 Jan 2022
"I can't remember the last time I actually cried with laughter but there were at least three times during Impro Musical BangTown that I was wiping away tears."
An Utterly Rubbish Adventure
Seesaw | 21 Jan 2022
"A funny and entertaining little one man Fringe World show."
Uncut Gem
Fringefeed | 21 Jan 2022
"An unconventional, uncensored comedy show that is not for the faint of heart."
An Aussie, African & Englishman walk into a bar...
Fringefeed | 21 Jan 2022
"Don’t be too worried about who walks into the bar at this show, it could be any local or international performer ready to grind out a cheeky fifteen-minute spot."
Dreams of a Lonely Planet
Fringefeed | 21 Jan 2022
"Poetic and playful, this show will enchant young and old."