Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Stuart Moore | 16 January 2021

Prepare to have your cockles warmed – YUCK Circus has returned!

The women of YUCK Circus have forged a deserved reputation for rambunctious circus skills presented with tongues (and hula hoops) firmly in cheeks and they live up to it here.

There is a strong Australian theme to the show, with the women delighting in sending up some of the most ocker elements of our ‘culture’.They strut and they flounce but with smirks on their faces and twinkles in their eyes. They’re so clearly enjoying themselves that it’s infectious (in the nicest possible way).

Make no mistake these women have the circus chops ‘with knobs on’ – clowning, diablo, acrobatics, juggling, strength, balance, hula hoops – but it is so nice that they don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s just a skillful irreverent romp!

The show is tied together by Ella as the MC, doing the talking between acts, taking the piss and making it quite clear she’s watching us.

For the natural-born performers of YUCK Circus, having to endure an extended period without being able to interact with an audience has been tough, but they sure make up for it with their return to action in Deadset.