Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Steph Murphy | 06 February 2019

Walking into the Blue Room theatre I felt 600 Seconds had the potential to be mediocre at best.

Instead I was blown away by seven high quality acts that covered themes ranging from motherhood and family to racial privilege and gender.

Mix is the best way to describe 600 Seconds as you are really getting a mixed-bag.

Renee Newman and Ella Hetherington offer a funny and powerful exploration of the challenges in motherhood and breastfeeding.

Although a niche topic, Newman and Hetherington had women and men alike laughing through the whole performance.

Courtney Cavallan uses only a bowl of pasta and three jars of pasta sauce to bring an entire family to life.

Cavallan is brilliant in her ability to perform a conversation between four different and distinct characters completely on her own. This one is really something special and a must-see.

Via Lactaea is a mesmerising group performance using physical movement and dance to examine women’s societal roles and sexualisation of the female body.

The seven performers’ unity and uniformity in their movement as a group had an electric effect.

Rachael Woodward’s clown attempting to grow a flower is charmingly adorable and funny. Even if you’re not a clown person you’ll enjoy this one. You might even find yourself wanting to give a clown a hug.

Ryan Marano’s trio of brothers was a nice change of pace from the female dominant line-up and provides an endearing look at the subtleties of fraternal relationships.

Sian Murphy plays a woman with a dilemma: take the promotion she’s earned or maintain her integrity as a woman?

A humorous performance that takes an unexpected turn, reminding the audience that girls can never just have fun.

Finally, Patrick Gunasekera uses multimedia and physical movement to confront privilege in society and the theatre community. Gunasekera’s piece is provocative and moving.

Every act received thunderous cheers and applause from the audience and every act deserved it.

600 Seconds is a do not miss.