Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Elizabeth Lydon | 12 February 2020

600 Seconds is a set of experimental shows for an hour. Each theatre performance showcases working ideas. Each night has a different group of shows (A/B) – I watched the A set.

The performance began with the slapstick comedy The Fun in Funeral. The dialogue
was acrobatic and silly. It was an energetic opener which tried to set the tone for the night.

Next there was the solo act Drift. The performance was the only song/dance act for the evening. The audience were encouraged to sing along to a very dark song. Both The Fun in Funeral and Drift covered morbid themes in different ways.

The three middle performances were consistent and mostly flawless. The third performance Yoga was a well executed concept about environmental issues. Both actresses were captivating, although they were both portraying infuriating, vapid, and “woke” stereotypes that wouldn’t be out of place in Perth’s ‘golden triangle’.

The trio of Ugly Virgins scored the most laughs of the night. The three women made good use of the stage (with their sex toy microphones) winding up some members of the audience about their first times.

This performance taking the **** out of the politically correct – not for the sensitive.

The Brutes’ Kitchen Battles was easily the best performance of the night. Described as a feminist version of Waiting for Godot these ladies were waiting for ‘Gordon’ and fighting over a toy oven. The third side “chick” should have been featured a little more – the plastic chicken in a toy oven was my favourite for the night. The two actresses were clearly having fun with the piece – and it showed with the audience rewarding them with constant laughter.

The finale Good Boy felt like a weak ending. It was a silent, puppetry piece which felt fragmented from the other shows. I was not sure what the concept was meant to be and other audience members also looked confused.

At the end of the performance, attendees are encouraged to vote for their favourite 10 minute show – if I were to rank the performances I watched tonight, they’d be ranked as follows:

1. The Brutes’ Kitchen Battles
2. Ugly Virgins
3. Drift
4. Yoga
5. The Fun in Funeral
6. Good Boy