Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Gemma Scheibling | 03 February 2022

Award-winning Festival favourite Matt Hale returns to FRINGE WORLD in 2022 with a chaotic new show ready to alter your state of mind. Are you ready?

Renowned for creating havoc on stage with his modern brand of comedy hypnotism, Hale has crafted a fun, light-hearted experience where members of the audience volunteer to become the superstars of the show.

Lively and bright as ever, Hale opens the show with a specially choreographed dance to raise the energy in the room at the Rechabite Hall. Hale is performing an impressive 31 shows this Fringe season and never misses a beat.

After more than a decade of delivering comedic hypnotic performances, Hale has mastered the hypnotism craft. This year, he has created yet another welcoming, respectful yet hilarious show which has voluntary audience members delving into their subconscious minds through his clear, expert guidance which enhances their capacity to respond to a suggestion.  

Hale’s reputation is evident when he calls for volunteers from the audience. People flock to the stage as Hale promises to deliver an experience of quality relaxation which will wash over bodies and minds. The audience knows the opportunity to enter a state of trance under the trusted guidance of Hale is a unique experience. The best part? The show is enjoyed from every angle: it’s equally as fun from the audience or from the stage.

Over an hour, Hale works with the volunteer performers through a gentle process of hypnotism. They focus on his instructions, and he turns the volunteers into deeply relaxed yet hilariously upbeat performers from fitness instructors to surfers, musicians and more. On stage, Hale is in full control, and off stage, the laughter is uncontrollable. While the hypnotised are zoned out, the audience is the opposite. 

If you haven’t seen Hale in action before, this is a must-see, must-do experience. If you have seen him before, it’s still a must-see.

This all-new show is highly energetic and a lot of fun. And with different members of the audience participating, each show is unique and filled with big personalities.

Prepare to be taken on a journey from a snoozy stage to absolute chaos at Matt Hale’s brand-new show this Fringe. Enter a dream-like state on stage or observe from the audience from now until 13 February.