Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Amy Kapernick | 28 January 2022

There are very few certainties in life, other than death, love and chaos thankfully Scitech is back for another year to remind us that despite the world being overwhelmingly full of chaos right now, there is still so much wonder and beauty out there.

With a show that begins with the modern day space race and reminds us that we learn best through failure, and it’s ok to make mistakes because sometimes our best experiences come from chaos, we then travel across the width and breadth of the universe, stretching from the size of a molecule at the beginning of life and zooming all the way out to see the entirety of our universe. As someone who’s always had an interest in the wonders of space, it never ceases to amaze how vast and beautiful the “world” out there really is. 

In a world where we are surrounded by chaos, it was nice to slow down and think about what we do still have, and how many accidents have had to take place for us to be there. What cosmic accident had led to us being at the show, or led us to the person we were there with, or even led us to be in Perth at this very moment. How many pieces need to fall into place for our lives to be what it is today, and how might things have turned out if just one piece was different?

No matter what the show is, the chance to experience space within the comfort of Scitech’s dome theatre is always a good one. And in a world where attraction is everywhere, chaos is inevitable and timing is everything, you should make sure you see this show before time runs out.