Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Gemma Scheibling | 30 January 2021

Meet: The Crushers. A mixed bag, global showcase of premium comedic talent ready to deliver an hour of absolute power.

The show opens with playful comedian Ben Darsow. Darsow is the perfect MC – he’s naturally funny, exceptionally quick-witted and he has mastered the ability to improvise. Darsow is the glue that holds the event together, keeping the audience primed and engaged between each set.

First to take the stage is internationally-renowned, UK born comedian Rory Lowe. Lowe delivers a solid set. He’s experienced – he crosses all the lines but is met with acceptance as he fills the room with hearty laughter. Lowe leaves the audience wondering a) who the hell is next and b) could it possibly get any better? The lively room cannot wait to see who (or what) is waiting behind the curtain.

The audience is suddenly hit with the inappropriate humour of Corey White. This self-proclaimed ‘not for everybody’ comedian is absolutely that. White is a ruthless pocket rocket, delivering a quick set that is equal parts uncensored, unsolicited and hilarious.

The room is then introduced to rising comic Thomas Green. This is his first comedy gig in Perth and he nails it. From quarantine experiences to sand, sun, gay dolphins and all things that don’t exist in the UK, Green is instantly likeable and relatable.

This is the FRINGE WORLD show that keeps on giving. Each comedian to grace the stage is brave, untamed, and leaves the audience questioning ‘was it wrong of me to laugh at that?’. The answer here is always no.

Next up is Janelle Koenig – queen of the Perth comedy scene. Koenig brings her sparkly, south of the river energy to the stage with upbeat musical talent, inappropriately relatable jokes, and a firm warning that no, she does not do kids shows.

Finally (where did the last 50 minutes go?), it’s the headliner: Amos Gill. Entering the stage with a confidence that only experience and fresh material brings, Gill delivers a strong comedic set. Gill is the cheerleader that millennials never knew they needed, providing a totally accurate contrast between millennials and boomers, avocados and apricot chicken.

While the performers in each Crushers Comedy Gala may differ, this remains the same: if you’re ready to be punched in the face with a solid hour of comedy power, this fast-paced, high energy show is for you. It’s bold, brave, intelligent, and could be likened to watching a brilliant movie… or a car crash (without the tragedy)… either way, you just can’t look away.