Stevenson Theatre

Stevenson Theatre housed within Midland Dance Studios is a boutique, black box theatre with intimate tiered seating for 99 (This does not include cushions on the ground if requested). Specs - features basic theatrical lighting and sound, projector and large screen, wireless microphone, wireless headset, 3 x microphone stands (other items ie black lighting, dry ice, spotlight ect can be hired through our lighting technician). Within the beautifully appointed premises it additionally features large green room which can also be used to warm up for dancers, in house cafe, adequate amenities, basic truss backdrop to enter stage left or right.

Venue Accessibility

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Wheelchair Accessible Toilet

Please contact the theatre when booking we will have a representative come and meet you out the front to assist with orientation additionally we will need to organise keys for the appropriate doors

Wheelchair access: Entery is gained through main entrance to the complex and using the disabled lift

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1st Floor 8 Stafford St, Midland, 6056, WA