REmida Perth

REmida is the hidden treasure of West Perth, a place where artists, educators and the community come to gather resources and inspiration for their reuse based arts and education adventures.

Please note, REmida is a family-friendly gallery and popup theatre space and is, therefore, a drug and alcohol-free venue.

The venue does have stairs, but the exhibition/performance is split between the courtyard and the upstairs space. The upstairs exhibition can, however, be viewed via the live feed set up in our studio space.

REmida is open to the public through the week, the starting time of the event is outside our normal business hours.

The exhibition aspect of the performance is static as it is tied to the physical space, but the performance or the actual Fringe event itself is only available during the Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Venue Accessibility

This space is not wheelchair accessible.

Other Spaces

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REmida Perth Inc., 1 Prospect Place, West Perth, WA, 6005