Scaled 800 x 800 at 300dpi

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Suitability and warnings: M

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Other Warnings:

Drug use, Sexual References, Suicide/Self Harm, Mental Health, Smoking, Sexual Assault

Scaled 800 x 800 at 300dpi

About this event

Six millennials meet in many bathrooms of many house parties. Secrets are shared, drugs are swallowed, horoscopes are consulted and hook-ups abound. Standard stuff.

Too young to feel fully adult but too old to pretend that things don't matter, this is an homage to hazy parties, to kissing and confrontation, to asking the stars for advice, and being on the cusp of fully grown. Everything matters too much and not at all; it's funny, it's sexy, and it's totally recognisable.

Questions of queerness, consent and toxic masculinity all coalesce in this gritty new play, lifted from the UK and spat onto Perth's stages. With an ensemble cast of WA's finest young talent, see these young people star in the stories of their own rocky, fragile lives.

Presented by:
The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and Gavin Roach in association with Beyond The Yard

Gavin Roach has a Bachelor of Arts (Acting for the Screen and Stage), Bachelor of Arts (Acting for the Screen and Stage, Honours) CSU, Masters in Arts Management UTS & Masters in Writing for Performance VCA. Gavin is the writer, performer & producer of Confessions of a Grindr Addict, Any Womb Will Do, I Can’t Say The F Word, The Measure of a Man & All The Songs I Can’t Sing.

Beyond the Yard is a collective of young artists currently residing in Perth, WA. Together they aim to focus on bringing light to underrepresented social issues through innovative and refreshing mediums. Beginning in 2017, the company has had resounding success with their first original show 52 Hertz, which earned a PAWA Award Nomination for Best New Work of 2017.

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