Silence of the Labia

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About this event

Join Comedian Simone Springer & Miss Lady V for Comedy show that's part quiz show, part magic, part sideshow and part... lady parts.
Unlike any comedy you've ever seen... or will see... and can't unsee.

Featuring Slash... not the musician.
Contains: Strong Nudity, Nut Free

"The laughs just kept on coming" Tulpa Magazine
"The show delivers in spades" The Music
"There's something beautiful about having a vulva with googly eyes on stage before you" The Advertiser
"Silence of the labia was totally magic... or "VAGIC" to be more precise" ★★★★½ Winning at Failing
"This show delivers" Mysteria Maxima Magazine
"As the show concluded it seemed appropriate to ask 'was that good for you?' And the consensus seemed to be -- oh yes, multiple climaxes." ★★★★ Fringefeed

Presented by:
Simone Springer

Simone Springer is ABC Radio Perth's Friday morning comedian. Her first fringe show Silence of the Labia was a sell-out in 2019 and she is part of the award winning, sell-out group The Motherhood comedy. She's a Raw Comedy state finalist and has toured across the USA.

"Springer is charming and funny" Fringefeed, 2019
"Simone Springer is a queen when it comes to audience interaction" Winning at Failing, 2019

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