Manic Pixie Dream Girl

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Scaled main gala books

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Nessa and Carly are modern ladies studying and working hard. A two-women girl gang, they know their literature and films and can make a mean macchiato, which comes in useful at the comic book cafe where they work. But being a realist is tough when you are surrounded by books full of dreamy ideas, and geeky co-workers who mistake a smile for flirting.

Our ladies bemoan their comic book counterparts, oversexualized servants of the plot. Most hated is the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, both for her sad fate as a plot device and the unrealistic expectations she leaves real women to fill.

Then they meet Morgana, stunning as a fae queen, with no apparent past and seemingly token interests. Surely she cannot be real and must be investigated.

Are characters literally walking from comic books?

Presented by:
Evening Productions

Evening Productions is a new independent production company, passionate about giving female characters air time and delicious stories.

In love with escapism, we make theatre and film you can dive into and drink up.

Escape with us, into a good story!

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  • "A lovely intimate piece, in a lovely intimate setting." – Fringefeed
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