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FRINGE WORLD Friends 2021 Benefits

New in 2021: UNLIMITED Passes!

As a Fringe Friend, you and one (1) mate can sail past the queue and find prime seating ahead of anyone else for any venue in our FRINGE WORLD Hubs; The Woodside Pleasure Garden and Girls School in East Perth.

Why is it only at hubs?

We can only offer this benefit at our FRINGE WORLD Hubs because as open-access festival, other venues participating in FRINGE WORLD manage their own Front of House Staff and procedures. Don't worry though! We've got LOADS of shows packed at the spiegeltents, assembly halls and spaces at our hubs.

Open to FRINGE WORLD Friends only.

Only FRINGE WORLD Friends can access this deal.

If you are a FRINGE WORLD Friend, please log in below to access. If you're not already a Friend, learn more and become one here.

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