Friends Frenzy

FRINGE WORLD 2019 Benefits

Exclusive access to 30% off select tickets to a big range of FRINGE WORLD shows. This offer is available from 18 October 2018 to 24 January 2019, the perfect helper to plan your Fringe Binge pre-festival. 

Friends Frenzy ticket availability is strictly limited.

Here’s how to see what shows have discounted Friends Frenzy ticket deals:

  1. Visit the What's On page on the website
  2. Click ‘More Filters’
  3. Select Price Types and click “Friends Frenzy”

Click here to see all available Friends Frenzy tickets now

Open to FRINGE WORLD Friends only.

Only FRINGE WORLD Friends can access this deal.

If you are a FRINGE WORLD Friend, please log in below to access. If you're not already a Friend, learn more and become one here.

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