Friends Frenzy

FRINGE WORLD Friends 2021 Benefits

Friends got Friends Frenzy 30% discounted tickets to a big range of FRINGE WORLD shows.

Friends Frenzy tickets were available from 12 November until the end of our Encore season.

How does it work?

The artist decides to have some of their tickets available with the Friends discount.  They choose how many to offer, which means the discount  won’t impact their goal income for the season.

What about Rushtix? 

RushTix are a last resort for artists if they really need  bums on seats. There are only a very limited amount of RushTix available each day during the Festival, and they aren’t exclusive to Friends.

So Remember...

1.    The show you want may not be on RushTix
2.    Friends Frenzy are available for a longer time
3.    RushTixare very limited
4.    Friends Frenzy are a better way to support artists


Friends Frenzy Terms & Conditions: 

  • Friends Frenzy tickets are strictly limited and tickets are served on a first-in-first-served basis
  • Friends Frenzy tickets are made available at the discretion of the artists
  • In the case that you require a refund for a Friends Frenzy ticket, you will be refunded the Friend Frenzy price 
  • In the case that you require an exchange for a Friends Frenzy ticket, our team will do our best to exchange your ticket for another Friends Frenzy ticket but, as the ticket type limit is at the discretion of our artists, we cannot guarantee another ticket at Friends Frenzy price. 

Open to FRINGE WORLD Friends only.

Only FRINGE WORLD Friends can access this deal.

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