How to get Fringe tickets early

Published: Thu, Oct 18 2018
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How to get Fringe tickets early

We’ve released 50 events in the 2019 program and everyone can read about them now, but only our FRINGE WORLD Friends can start buying today through TeaserTix.

TeaserTix is just one of the awesome Friends benefits and you can sign up today for only $30.

FRINGE WORLD Friends is a year-round subscription, which means you’ll get sweet deals for the 2019 Festival plus year-round offers to keep the good times going even after the Festival ends.

TeaserTix Round 1 is on sale from October 18 and TeaserTix Round 2 is on sale from October 25.

The full 2019 program will be revealed and all tickets on sale on November 15.

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