Artists Affected by JumpClimb: 2019 Update

Published: Thu, Feb 28 2019
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Artists Affected by JumpClimb: 2019 Update

JumpClimb is an independent presenter of events and they had a program of events in the previous Festival (2018). As an independent presenter of events, FRINGE WORLD does not have any responsibility, control or involvement in JumpClimb management.
JumpClimb has been put into liquidation. The situation is not yet resolved but FRINGE WORLD with the help of our legal partner K&L Gates are continuing to support artists affected by collapse of JumpClimb.
The financial arrangement was that FRINGE WORLD paid all owed ticketing income to JumpClimb in relation to the 2018 Festival, however it would seem that JumpClimb did not then use this money to pay the money owed to the artists who created the work.
In response to what happened with JumpClimb, FRINGE WORLD paid $85,000 directly to the affected artists earlier this year and many of the artists affected were programmed in Festival venues for the 2019 Festival – these include Matt Hale, Matt Tarrant and Josh Glanc (pictured).
FRINGE WORLD also implemented a new payment process for the 2019 Festival as part of our commitment towards our artists. This made it easier for artists to receive their box office returns from the Festival, and we’re received positive feedback from artists about this improved process.
There is no promise that FRINGE WORLD will be successful in efforts to claw back the amounts owed to artists, but any amounts that are recovered will be paid directly to the artists on-top of the $85,000 advanced by FRINGE WORLD.

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