7 shows that are perfect for teens and young adults

Published: Wed, Jan 10 2018
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7 shows that are perfect for teens and young adults

FRINGE WORLD has something for everyone, including teenagers, tweens and young adults!

Beau & Aero

North American physical comedy duo A Little Bit Off bring their show about two incompetent aviators who have crash landed. These foolish aeronauts will try anything to get off the ground with hilarious results.

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Hey Girl, meet your Secret Weapon... your period. Learn to use its super-powers for good, bad - or, whatever you bleeding well like because it's YOURS. Lucy Peach has redesigned her award-winning show My Greatest Period Ever for those who are newer to periods. Peach has gone one step further this FRINGE WORLD by including a special price for guests under 19 years old. Get amongst it. 

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MARVELus. All the Marvel Movies. Kind of.

MARVELus is the sketch show that squeezes almost a decade of the Marvel movies into one action packed hour of comedy. It's weapons free comedy that takes no prisoners. Perfect for your young and not-so-young nerds.

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Extreme Sports with James Hancox

Are you better at Sack Racing than Soccer? Prefer Egg 'n' Spoon to Aussie Rules? Then this is the show for you! Join self-appointed 'Extreme Sports Champion' James Hancox as he reinvents childhood games as pro sports. His sports for the unsporty will leave you feeling like the hero you were born to be.

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Aerial acrobatics, anarchic comedy, absurdism, abdominal muscles and, ah, clown boxing? Fisticuffs is the one-man circus theatre show your parents warned you about. Sven Hopla's didn't, they sold him to the circus and he's come back to tell you it's not as glamorous as you might think.

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The Dot

A good person. A search party. A dock. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A white room. And a silvery metallic thermos with a sh*tty plastic handle. A collection of 6 short stories by Youtuber Mikasacus adapted for the stage by Perth based youth theatre group Modicum.

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Patrick Hercamp in 30 Minute Macbeth.

30 Minute Macbeth

Patrick Hercamp follows up last year's Fringe World Best Theatre nominated show 'Half Hour Hamlet' and shall play many parts to uniquely present William Shakespeare's very own Macbeth in just 30 minutes. It’s Shakespeare without all the boring stuff.

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While these shows are suitable for tweens and teens, please note many FRINGE WORLD venues are licensed.

In some instances, under 18's are welcome to licensed areas but must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian and the decision to allow entry is entirely at the discretion of the licensee.

Each venue can have different licensing conditions so please check the venue page to see the license rules before purchasing a ticket. 

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Feature image: Beau and Aero.