5 facts about The Showman's Fair

Published: Tue, Feb 6 2018
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5 facts about The Showman's Fair

Here's five key things you need to know about The Showman's Fair. Get excited because this is going to be a highlight of the Fringe!

1. It's located in the heart of the Fringe

The Showman's Fair at the Urban Orchard is a wild Dutch mini-festival with live music, performances and special surprises.

The Urban Orchard is located in FRINGE Central in The Perth Cultural Centre. This is the heart of the Fringe and close to hundreds of Fringe venues and events. The vibe is buzzing and it's the place to be every night of the Fringe.

2. There's free entry every night

Like most of the Fringe hubs it’s free to enter The Showman's Fair and it's open every night of the Festival. Drop in and soak up the Fringe vibes, catch up with mates for a drink, meal and check out a show.

3. The Showman's Fair Dinner

The centrepiece of The Showman's Fair is a long table dining experience that gets you up close and personal with the performers and your fellow Fringe goers. You’ll be talking about it for years to come. Don't bother booking - just rock up with a $20 note, find a seat and enjoy the amazing food and unique show performance that's part of the dining experience.

You’ll be talking about it for years to come!

Touch of God. 

4. Mini-shows all night long 

The mini-shows at The Showman’s Fair are a bargain and offer some of the most surprising entertainment you’ll see in the Fringe.

Shows in the Opticum are around 40mins in length and shows in Café Ik, Royale, The Lion’s Cage and Shackletenten are around 20mins.

These shows are the best way to start your Fringe Binge!

Look out for Silent Disco in the authentic vintage lion’s cage, go surfing and a tent where you go to be touched by God! 

Silent Disco. Image by Jason Matz.

5. Buy some Showman's Coins and browse the entertainment

The Showman's Fair has its very own currency and it's the way you get to see most of the mini-shows.

Each coin is $5 and with a bunch of them you and your date can get in to see a huge variety of entertainment within the Fair. Showman's Coins can only be purchased inside The Showman's Fair.

Some shows in the Opticum can be purchased from a Box Office or online from this website.

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