Palate Cleansers

Fri, Feb 9 2024
Fancy a palate cleanser? Here are our top 8 things to try between shows at The Pleasure Garden.

Throw some shapes at the Silent Disco

The FRINGE WORLD Silent Disco is the place to be, baby.

Perfect for those chasing a little limelight, take the stage in the centre of The Pleasure Garden while you sing your little heart out and dance your way into everyone's hearts.


Cool down and try Ice Fishing

Need to update your Tinder pic of you holding a fish? Go Ice Fishing

Want to fish for compliments? Say less. 

Sit in the chilly fishing cabin, catch some beauties, give 'em a kiss and throw them back. 


Take 5 for Euphoria

Get a slice of bliss at Euphoria Unleashed: Exploring the Transcendental Power of Five Minutes in Bliss.

We can't say much (the surprise is worth it) but it's certainly... unique. And fluffy.


Give The Bog a whirl

Nobody should be above a good poo joke. If you are, this sideshow isn't for you.

Otherwise, join the loo queue at The Bog with your mates and prepare for confronting truths to be brought into the light.


Get splashed by Mermaids

Splishy-splashy good times all round! 

Swim by in the afternoon for FRINGE WORLD Mermaids: The Splash Zone, or if you're feeling frisky, stick around at night for Blue Water Vaudeville.


Get your boogie on with RTRFM's DJs

The legends at RTRFM have lined up some sweet, sweet vibes with their DJs at The Pleasure Garden!

Catch them from 7:30-10:30pm Fridays/Saturdays or 3-6pm on Sundays for a cheeky sundowner sesh. 


Unburden your soul 

Feeling heavy with the weight of secrets and bad thoughts? Better out than in!

Release your heart and mind by letting go of bad vibes with the Wishing Unwell. 


Take a joy ride on the Ferris Wheel

Be on top of the (Fringe) World!

Take in the view, experience a snippet of what it's like to be a Northbridge pigeon, and stick your head in the clouds.