Fringe shows for mums

Tue, Nov 23 2021
We really mean it when we say that there’s something for everyone at Fringe!
Fringe shows for mums

Funny mums  

Some mums love a good laugh. Here are some fun, light-hearted shows for mums. 



Presented by The Motherhood Comedy joined by two Dads, these comedians will have you laughing about parenting, relationships, and general life fails. 


Girls Gone ABBA – The Sounds of Mamma Mia!

Just like the movies, come and feel the love and happiness as we take you on a dreamy journey through the Greek islands as you dance, jive and have the time of your life, while you enjoy your favourite ABBA songs. 


Amy Hetherington: Crying Over Spilt Milk

A hilarious, full-on hour of stand-up about the joy, pain, and madness of parenting. Join the infectiously likable Darwin comic for stories about sleep deprivation, weird advice from strangers, sore nipples, and crying over spilled milk. 


Bougie mums  

For mums who like the fancier things, check out these events.  


Simone Craddock and Jessie Gordon: Wild Women

In this musical performance, you can expect a celebration of 'wild women’ through songs, stories and poems.  


Golden Aged Girls

A FRINGE WORLD crowd pleaser, presented by Golden Aged Girls. These driven, eccentric, hilariously dramatic women will steal your hearts and make you laugh out loud, then gasp with scandalous joy. 


Piano & Paint

An out-of-the-box, relaxing painting session. There are no limits in this event – you can paint whatever you want on whatever you want.  


Mums who want the ‘wow factor’ 

Some mums love a big show. There’s no better place for this than Fringe!  


Cameo Rascale

A high energy performance with skills including juggling, acrobatics, adagio, LED effects, balancing, dance, rola bola and comedy. World-class, innovative and incredibly entertaining - this duo is the true definition of variety! 


A Simple Space

Supported by driving live percussion, A Simple Space is acrobatics like you have never seen before - so intimate that you can feel the sweat, hear every breath and completely indulge in each moment. 


P!nk: The Circus

Featuring all the huge hits from one of the biggest female touring artists in the world, P!NK: The Circus will have you singing, dancing, mesmerized and gasping for more! 


Mums who want something risqué 

For the mums who like a few more thrills, check out these cabaret and burlesque shows. 


Briefs: Bite Club

In an event sautéed in a hedonistic haze, guests will be treated to a shotgun wedding and table settings of music, circus, drag, burlesque, theatre, and comedy. 


Cece Desist’s Extraordinary Cabaret

Cece Desist is a live singing, dancing, sparkling, campy and hilarious showgirl, bringing you the glamour of old Hollywood, the camp performance of musical theatre.  



Circus for grown ups: ROUGE is a decadent blend of sensational acrobatics, operatic cabaret and tongue in cheek burlesque.