Fringe shows as dog breeds

Mon, Jan 10 2022
Whether you love big German Shepherd’s or yappy Chihuahua’s, we have Fringe show suggestions based on your favourite breed of dog!

Golden Retriever

For a show that’s gentle and affectionate like a Golden Retriever, check out 5.2, a dynamic and light-hearted contemporary circus. 


German Shepherd

Check out Haus of Hans: Disco Spektakulär for a performer brimming with confidence and self-proclaimed as “Germany’s proudest and hottest export”.  


French Bulldog

80’s Mixtape Side B is friendly and playful, just like a French Bulldog!
This epic soundtrack will have you jumping up and down.  



Just like a chihuahua, Cabaret Cheek is lively, quick, and has a bit of a bite! 



For a playful and courageous show like this little dog, check out GODZ, who are just as lively as dachshunds.   


Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi’s are a queen’s best friend, so check out Drag Queen Bingo!
Playful, bold and tenacious, it lives up to a Corgi’s personality.  


Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are often dolled up for shows, just like the performers in Spectacular, Spectacular!
This show carries on the playful nature of this breed.  



Intelligent and a little bit bougie like a poodle, check out Booze School – Old Young’s Cocktail Class!
Master the techniques, history and science of mixology.  



Club Briefs is the epitome of charming and mischievous, like the pug.
Join Briefs Factory as they return in this trash glamour disco circus that’s sure to have you breathing heavy! 


Australian Shepherd

Crap Music Rave Party: The Grand 1988 Australian Bicentennial Ball is almost as active as an Australian Shepherd.