Chatting with Matt Hale

Thu, Jan 27 2022
What’s not to love about this energetic hypnotist? We asked him about his unique performance style and his special skills.
Chatting with Matt Hale

What do you look for when selecting which audience members can be hypnotised?

The great thing is, anyone is welcome to join me on stage (if you can beat the rush to claim a seat!).  It's an open invitation to take part, and then I take all the volunteers through a very nice relaxing few min process on stage. 

During this, it becomes obvious who has the right kind of focus and ability to really use their imagination. And then the fun reallllllllly starts!


How do you come up with the tasks for the volunteers to do on stage?

Bit of a mish mash of random thoughts and looking what things have been big over the last year (movies, TV, music, sayings etc) and trying to find a ridiculous angle. I go down some very weird wormholes in the planning stages before we get to the final set of routines that make it into the actual show!


What has been your funniest stage moment?  

I get to laugh just as much as the audience because funny and surprising moments happen all the time, due to different people taking part each night, and their responses varying widely.  Let's just say a very confused penguin had me and the audience in stitches the other night!


How would you describe the feeling of being hypnotised?

Very relaxing. Like a guided daydream...and I'm your designated driver!


What encouraged you to join your passions of hypnosis and music for ‘The Clubnosis Experience’?

My first career was a club DJ playing in UK, Ibiza, Greek Islands and more, and I would always see people truly lose themselves in the music, pretty much a light kind of trance state, in their own zone on the dancefloor.

Once I became fascinated with hypnosis and the mind, I thought it would be great to harness that power that music has to make you feel certain things, and fuse that with what I know about how to guide people's imagination, into this uplifting fully immersive dancefloor experience.


Have you ever been hypnotised?

Plenty of times, and of course, I use self-hypnosis in my everyday life to help me feel good and focus on things I want to change or achieve.


How did you get into hypnosis?

I was always fascinated with how the mind worked, and first learnt some memory techniques that allowed me to do some amazing memory feats that most people would think you'd have to be born with a special brain to do. But it was literally down to learning and applying certain techniques. 

Once I realised that, I was intrigued as to what other things you could do with the mind. That lead me to hypnosis, and being an entertainer at heart, lead me to want to develop a comedy stage hypnosis show.


If you could hypnotise anyone, living or dead, who would you choose, and what would you ask them to do?

Manager of my favourite Japanese restaurant. Free ramen. It's a small win, but I'd get great satisfaction. In fact, it seems achievable, so if you excuse me, I'm off right now to fry someone's noodle for noodles!


Catch Matt in his show Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Absolute Chaos! and his limited run of The Clubnosis Experience: House Music Guided Visualisation.