Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Darren Moldrich | 25 January 2021

A play on the words nice and isolation, Nisolation is Gordon Southern’s latest offering to stand up comedy.

Brixton boy, Southern came to Australia via a cruise ship gig in March of last year. Then Covid 19 struck. He got stuck in Australia but fortunately for him he had met an Aussie girl from Adelaide a month earlier. She put him up and almost a year later they are still a couple.

From this situation comes the sometimes comedic genius of Southern. His forced stay in Adelaide covers some brilliant observation of Australian life.

Channel 7 news he calls semi- fiction because of the lack of fact sourcing an incisive and true observation. The audience agrees and the belly laughs  are the result of a tight and well thought out and rehearsed set.

He covers  each month from March to December 2020 and how an out-of -work comedian not only fills his time but simply survives.

Southern has been doing stand up for 25 years - and it shows. The way he plays off the crowd and ad libs you know you are in the midst of a true world class comic.

His energy reminds me of a British version of the late genius Robin Williams. The jokes are quick and bullet like as if Williams has been reincarnated into the lad from London ( via Brixton).

So fast and intelligent are some of the jokes, that you really need to see him twice to appreciate some of the “world premiere “ jokes. Yes, some of these jokes were so fresh they were only heard on the night of the performance.

It was also refreshing to see a comedian not swearing at every second word to get a laugh. Here is a man on top of his game. You felt comfortable in his presence- even when he was taking the mickey out of the audience.

We all need a good laugh after the most freaky year the world has ever seen, what better way of seeing it than through the eyes of, ironically, a man that shouldn’t be laughing at all. Considering his profession has been decimated, Southern sees the humour and perspective in Covid isolation.