Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Gemma Scheibling | 23 January 2021

Multi-award winning comedy hypnotist Matt Hale returns to FRINGE WORLD in 2021 as a festival favourite with a brand new show, and it is Bonkers!

Over the past ten years, Hale has reimagined and reinvented hypnotism as we know it. In each and every show, he combines his seriously good energy and unique talents with tasteful audience participation. In this show, it is the audience who self-selects to be transformed from ordinary people to extraordinary performers – and they do not disappoint. 

Hale creates an environment which is safe, inclusive and of course, hilarious. He has mastered the ability to hype up a crowd and build energy in a room. He’s that renowned, that when invited to, rather than squirm in their seats, audience members wrestle their way on stage – people are eager for a seat, eager to participate and experience Hale’s exceptional mind-hacking techniques. Proof of his reputation is the fact that most of the crowd didn’t raise their hands when Hale initially asked, ‘who has seen my show before?’.

Hale’s new show can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. And that’s his aim – to leave both participants and the audience feeling happy, fulfilled and better than when they entered the room. Even the person who just realised they’d been doing the air guitar in front of 200 people for a good part of the show.

Hale has managed to inject more energy into this show than ever before, it’s electrifying and he does not miss a beat. With loads of shows still remaining in his Fringe schedule – this is a must see.