Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Barb Hostalek | 21 January 2021

Yvette Wall has written 40 minutes of fun with much laughter.

The audience at capacity, laughed from start to end, swept far away from the wedding vowels and straight into the tastes of whiskey, curry and papadams - a hybrid flavour sensation that worked.

Grieving wife Lydia performed by Susan Stevenson brings out the sexy in sexual being who, thanks to a little attention from a happy go lucky, highly qualified counsellor Dhavi (Gaurav Singh) is living it up following 30 years of predictable loving…marriage.

Her daughter Catherine, played by Jessica Shallcross misses her Dad and can’t understand her Mum’s change in behaviour, Kevin (Cameron Leese) Catherine’s husband is making matters worse as he’s only got eyes for Steve Smith and his batting score - man crush alert.

Off the Wall Productions has produced a one-act comedy worth the time and money India and Australia both declared for the ashes.