Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Adele Aria | 16 January 2021

Lucinda bursts into the opening weekend and the stage with precisely the infectious energy you want and need for another glorious season of Fringe. Like a seasoned conductor, she’ll navigate the crowd through the shaky waters of COVID restrictions for entertaining interaction. Soon enough, you’ll be singing along to familiar anthems and some more obscure but well-arranged tunes. 

Sylvia Sippl, a multi-talented local favourite and 2020 FRINGE WORLD Award Winner, reveals she’s had more experience as a burlesque MC and invites the audience to let loose with its enthusiasm. Her alter-ego Lucinda Panties will keep you engrossed seamlessly hosting you through laughs, cheering on seemingly random antics, and karaoke-style group singalongs. The hour will be up all too soon. You’ll be treated to some classic tunes alongside some more quirky music that you can somehow still find familiar enough to lend your voice, kazoo, or noisemaker to. No matter how random it feels, Lucinda artfully lures you along and the fun continues to unfold.

You are encouraged to bring along an instrument and while this may seem like one of those magnanimous gestures a host rolls out but secretly hopes you don’t listen to, the more you put into this show, the more fun there is to be had. If you’re inclined to show up with an instrument and play along, the odds are high you and the rest of the audience won’t regret it. If you’re not keen to participate in the limelight, the hint is to avoid the front rows and the aisle seats.

Audience members aren’t the only ones who assist in making the music. Lucinda Panties is joined by an ensemble of musical talent and sirens in the form of Malaika Moon, Cece Desist, Amanda Lynn, and Emma Hyam. Each are a formidable talent and stage presence in their own right yet together, they form a rather bewitching troupe sprinkling the night with their own randomness. Together they’ll harmonise the awkward right out of the room and roll out the carpet for you to raucously sing and kazoo your way into another sassy FRINGEWORLD season.