Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Giorgia Beasley | 17 February 2020

Over just 13 songs and one hour, The Gods The Gods The Gods fit more feeling and emotion into a Spiegeltent than I would have ever guessed possible.

The three multitalented performers use a dynamic mix of singing, spoken word, instruments and crowd participation to create four beautifully intertwining stories of the human experience, and how faith, in all its forms, can shape this experience.

The control the performers had over the audience was incredible.

Through careful selection of pace and well-used moments of stillness amongst their energetic performance, the audience was fully immersed in the show.

Such was their skill in creating this immersive feeling, that it was easy to feel a big shift in the mood of the room as we were moved so intentionally through moments of joy, sadness, hope, anxiety and everything in between.

Perhaps the boldest element of The Gods The Gods The Gods was the choice to have no seats, but rather keep the audience on our feet.

Ushered together in the centre of the tent created a sense of unity and anticipation as soon as we entered. Throughout the show this only grew as the performers moved in and around our huddle, building the stories as they went.

The Gods The Gods The Gods is not only a truly unique performance, but also a unique experience. As the final song ended and the crowd broke into an unstoppable applause, I felt that I had done more than see a Fringe show, I felt I had been a part of something special, memorable and of one a kind.

As we move into the final week of the 2020 FRINGE WORLD festival, I would urge and challenge you to see a show a little out of the box, and would highly recommend The Gods The Gods The Gods be that show.