Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Claudia Mancini | 29 January 2020

An overbearing avocado, a sarcastic chilli, and an enthusiastic steak – all the makings of an excellent night out for The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer Nights program.

Presented by Sian Murphy and making its West Australian World Premiere at FRINGE WORLD Festival, Bite Me is an exploration of women’s bodies, validation and objectification, and popular narratives of heterosexual romance, refreshingly told from the perspective of personified fresh produce waiting desperately on the shelves to be picked up by “the one”.

With the supermarket closing time looming large overhead, and the group’s expiry dates drawing nearer, the three characters set out to make sure they are the pick of the bunch – lovingly chosen and whisked into the outside world.

What follows is an energetic performance that cleverly satirises female competition for male attention, drawing attention to themes such as body image, dating tactics, and the trope of the knight in shining armour.

Performers Courtney Cavallaro, Caitlin McFeat and Tallulah Starkie deliver an engaging performance that will have you in fits of laughter while you bop along to their choreographed dance routines and dramatic accounts of checkout fantasies. As a trio, their energy bounces off each other and you can’t help but let them pull you in with them. Alongside Sian Murphy, these are four emerging artists to watch.

Bite Me proves that performance art can be both uplifting and meaningful, that it can make you laugh while still pushing you to reflect. It is a happy medium between light-hearted and critical – an excellent show to go to if you’re not a regular theatre buff, or if you’re looking for something that the whole family will enjoy.

This show will leave you feeling delightfully entertained, and maybe even peckish for some spicy guacamole. One thing is for sure: grocery shopping will never be the same again.