Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Amy Hall | 21 January 2020

If you’re looking for an entertaining afternoon for your family, look no further: “The Greatest Magic Show” has it all: smoke, mirrors, and the odd well-timed fart joke.

When your act is called “The Greatest Magic Show”, a standard of excellence and an air of expectation is set even before the first curtain raises. Indeed, the sheer volume of adults and children and ‘bald headed babies’ in prams lining up outside the venue yesterday indicated this fact.

Happily, this award-winning trio did not disappoint. Sam, Justin and the flamboyant ‘Ringmaster’ kept the crowd entertained and on the edge of their seats throughout their 60-minute performance.

The Ringmaster set the scene early through mystical song, describing the show’s simple premise: he has travelled the world in search of the greatest magic show, but alas, the greatest magic show was nowhere to be found.

What is a lonely Ringmaster to do? Why, create one of his own of course! Thus, The Greatest Magic Show was born. With that, the show began.

Enter Sam and Justin, two engaging and charismatic individuals whose skills and clever banter had the packed-out audience enthralled and delighted. Their careful set up of each trick was cleverly paced to build maximal anticipation, leading to the inevitable collective ‘aah!’ moment when the disappeared item/undergarment did, in fact, reappear.

Taking a fresh approach to old tricks (who doesn’t love the old coin behind the ear?) the pair certainly demonstrated their ample skills and had many audience members – children and parents alike – scratching their heads.

The audience enjoyed getting involved, with a number of children having the opportunity to share the stage and the laughs with these seasoned entertainers, the best of which, for me, being the final volunteer’s performance, which was certainly very ‘hands-on’.

The show concluded with a final feel-good message: it’s not the size of your wand that counts in this world, but the size of your dream. No matter what it is you want to achieve, if you believe in yourself, you can make your dreams come true.