Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Paul Meek | 19 January 2020

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to the Weimar Republic circa 1929, transported effortlessly to Yagan Square by Perth troupe Kinetica.

Can the awe inspiring wow factor of circus merge with the steamy, gritty nature of cabaret? Caged answers, with an absolutely emphatic yes.

To begin musically, there are nods to the classics – Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli – before the playlist shifts gears, turning into a soundtrack Quentin Tarantino and Jay-Z might collaborate on. Hot, heavy, and dirty for the most part, but at other stages ethereal.

Or if, instead of Moulin Rouge, Baz Luhrmann had made Cabaret, it may have looked, sounded, and felt like this wonderful piece of art.

The moods invoked include heated passion and revenge, through surreal, almost hallucinogenic fantasies, to melancholic laments of persecution and otherness. All within the hour.

There is a touch of magic and a feeling of wonder and beauty with this show. We stick to the theme of an interwar Berlin nightclub, the individual acts reinforcing each other, all adding to the greater story. Even the equipment transitions are executed as pieces of comedic theatre, without breaking the fourth wall.

Karl Kayoss, Mr Boylesque Australia 2017, is the fiercest Sally Bowles this side of the Brandenburg Gate, with drag so sharp it will draw blood. Award winning burlesque star Sugar Du Joure is the genderqueer half/half MC, who keeps the show ticking over, both with their fast paced patter, and several hilarious double entendres.

But the entirety of the cast are enthralling – all eyes are drawn inexorably to them, whether they’re on the ground, in the air, or upside down. Their power, strength, and flexibility are jaw dropping, all with that slow burn background sizzle, sparking to full heat several times.

Definitely a scorcher, definitely adult – definitely bring your partner, your bestie, or a date, perhaps leave your parents or nan at home. Much eggplant emoji. You will not want it to stop.