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Greatest of all time
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Greatest of all time
“Greatest of all time”
Luke was great, good laugh had by all 😊
Reviewed by Shelley C.
15 January 2021
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Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Gemma Scheibling | 18 January 2020

See the wine, swirl the wine, smell the wine, sip the wine, laugh so hard you almost spit the wine, then put all your concentration into the most important part: tasting and savouring the wine. That’s the kind of experience you can expect at Uncorked Comedy, where wine tasting etiquette actually holds zero importance.

Held across two venues every Friday and Saturday night for the duration of Fringe, Uncorked Comedy features a stellar lineup of high-profile wineries and entertaining comedians – it’s the perfect blend of wine and laughter.

Comedian Christopher Shin started with his best fruit forward at this sold out show. Shin and his co-host for the evening, Sam Kissajukian, didn’t miss a beat with their witty banter and entertaining stand-up, which was perfectly balanced between likeable charm and brutal honesty. The duo strongly encouraged audience involvement, which was a driver for the show’s success. The audience was engaged, and laughter and surprisingly generous pours of wine flowed for the entirety of the show.

The whole experience is not dissimilar to a group wine tour with complete strangers: in the beginning, everyone is quiet and a bit reserved and by the end, you’re one big, happy, wine-fuelled family.

This is a juicy, grape value show for both wine enthusiasts and those whose wine knowledge and vocabulary is limited to simply “red”, “white” and “Coolabah”. While knowledge of wine is not essential for this show, if you have some, you might be able to educate the hosts, who are definitely no cork dorks.

Wine tasting without having to travel to a wine region? Yes, please. Wine tasting without needing a translator to understand what you’re drinking? Yes, please. This show, with its refreshing lack of pretension and lingering laughter, will be a Festival favourite and is not one to miss!