Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Danica Lamb | 19 January 2020

The Choir of Man is the must see show of FRINGE WORLD 2020. Take your mum, then bring your best friend and come along with your co-workers – seeing this show just once will not be enough.

The Choir of Man is a totally encapsulating, heart-warming hour of unbridled joy that celebrates music, friendship and the significance of the humble pub in our collective psyche.

Their acapella renditions give new life to music from every generation – from folk, to John Farnham and Sia – and cater to the taste of every audience member.

Each cast member contributes beyond their harmonies with additional instrumental skills like saxophone, banjo and violin to provide the most Fringey orchestral type set up you could dream of. All this in combination with dance moves to match. The tap danced rendition of a Paul Simon classic is beyond words – a definite highlight.

What becomes immediately clear from the outset is The Choir of Man intends on making the audience feel as though like it’s just another night at the local. You are greeted with a warm hand shake and a bar on stage (providing free beer I might add as if this show could get any better).

The care and consideration that has gone into crafting a show that makes this new choir pub feel just like our ‘regular’ shines through. The drinks poured on stage aren’t just props – you’re given your poison in a handy to-go cup to enjoy back in your seat.

The narrative in The Choir of Man cuts down to something more meaningful than just free beer though. In an economy where the doors of pubs are shutting every other day, The Choir celebrate the importance of pubs in providing non-exclusive social refuges for anyone who needs it.

We find familiarly and solace amongst the sticky table tops and stained carpets as a cure to our isolated luxury apartment living and for that pubs should be celebrated and supported.

WA is blessed to have The Choir of Man within our midst – if only briefly – and you’d be remiss to miss this.