Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Danielle Rock | 18 February 2020

Whether you’re seven or 70, PreHysterical appeals to anyone with a funny bone. The award-winning show follows the tales and friendship of two rudimentary cavemen and a more sophisticated cavewoman as they navigate their Neanderthal landscape; crossing streams, discovering sport and catching predators.

There’s nothing prehistoric about the skill, strength and circus performance precision depicted in PreHysterical, and just because it’s family-friendly, don’t assume you’ll be deprived of a thoroughly entertaining FRINGE WORLD show.

Head First Acrobats, the same talented team behind Circus’Cision, Railed and Elixir, don’t reserve their acrobatic antics exclusively for the adults, but instead combine classic slapstick, curated circus and a carefully considered soundtrack, all which ensured the entire Teatro tent alternated between fits of laughter and rounds of applause for the duration of the 45-minute show.

The fluctuation between childish slapstick and intelligent comedy meant that everyone had the opportunity to be entertained.

Fart-jokes aren’t really my thing, but my five-year-old critic was so engrossed in the tale, he could clearly smell the trumpeting result from the back of the tent as he wafted his little hand and giggled “yuck!”.

Some of the golden moments in the show were the way new perspectives were drawn out of the familiar and everyday; who knew yawning could be so entertaining, rock, paper, scissors would obviously only favour one stony substance over the others 150,000 years ago, and action-movie slow-mo is not only reserved for Hollywood.

The dexterity and strength involved in the circus performances by Chelsea Angell, Thomas Gorham and Isaac Lawry will captivate your attention, whether all or one of the performers is on the stage. Hoops, trapeze and ropes are only some of the tools used to showcase the skills and talent of the artists.

But don’t take my word for it. As we exited the tent, I asked my five-year-old comedy and circus FRINGE WORLD expert what his favourite part of the show was. He said “everything”. I couldn’t agree more.