Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Nora Ball | 09 February 2019

Prepare to get pitch slapped in FRINGE WORLD’s acapella competition.

You better acca-believe it, this singing style is making a comeback. Since the hit Pitch Perfect films have graced our screens, people can’t get enough of this compelling style of music.

Featuring only their voices with no instrumental backing, Pitch Slapped was music to one’s ears. In a FRINGE WORLD premiere, artistic director Cassie Van Lendt has created this friendly competition to show case the outstanding singing talent in Perth.

She hopes to grow the acapella community amongst the young and old alike, whilst finding its place in the modern music scene.

With our two experienced judges Christie and Ali, singers were not only marked on singing ability but their stage presence and performance factor.

Many of the competitors dressed in matching ensembles giving their act a nice finishing touch. As each piece unfolds, the audience is taken on a pleasant journey. The acapella groups tell a story through their melodies and performances.

Some teams chose classic numbers such as the 1950’s song Mr Sandman.

Others brought new-age edge to their tunes singing acapella to the likes of Kayne West and Kimbra, even breaking into a rap. Regardless, all groups proved to be strong acts.

Not only were their voices used as instruments, performers were clicking, clapping and stamping to the beat. The end result was beautiful music that speaks to your soul. No instruments required.

Well-done to seven-piece ensemble Darling Music on taking out first prize in last night’s competition.

Their silky-smooth voices came together in perfect harmony.

They were closely followed by Short Cut Quartet, comprising of four women all under the height of 5’3”.

Despite their small stature which gave the group its name, they packed a punch with exceptional voices and melodies. Other groups that sang last night were Artistry Quartet, The Belle Chords and The Danger Tones who all wowed audience members with their strong acapella performances.

If you missed out on this sold out show, there will be more acapella performances coming your way. Pitch Slapped is only just getting started, so stay tuned pitches.