Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Alana Russo | 20 January 2019

Doused with danger, Fuego Carnal delivers a masterful performance!

Fuego is Spanish for fire, and it seems the elements conspired to turn up the heat for opening night following a scorching 39-degree day.

As the burning sun began to set over Perth, anticipation grew amongst the audience.

The show is housed in a unique purpose-built venue, the Empyrean at the Ice Cream Factory in Northbridge.

Spectators are under cover, but the stage is exposed, without a roof, allowing space for vertical stunts to go beyond the usual limits.

It is immediately apparent that this is not going to be your average circus performance.

The show opens with acknowledgement of the creative and destructive powers of fire and the fascination that humans have with it which spans across languages and cultures.

Felina the Great then commands the stage with sass and humour in smokin’ hot heels.

What comes next is a stunning ensemble delivering a visual feast of death defying acts including fire spinning, knife throwing, acrobatics, sword swallowing, a deadly archer and a flame-throwing bag piper.

With a clever selection of music to accompany each artist, the audience was mesmerised by dazzling flames that dance over skin and burst through the top of the tent exploding sparks against the contrast of the beautiful night sky.

Each act is daring and goes well beyond anticipated boundaries. Dressed in slick costumes, highlights include a knife throwing duo which involved precision timing and impeccable skills to hit targets only millimetres from flesh whilst blindfolded.

The sword swallower builds suspense and has the ability to make you cringe in fear and gasp whilst enticing you to keep watching as he performs nail biting stunts with a sword inside his stomach.

Defying acts are combined with excellent comic timing, a synergy between performers and crowd interaction to make this show unmissable.

It is clear these performers are at the top of their field. Word on the street will spread like wildfire as this show has sizzle factor which is through the roof, literally. If you want to see exhilarating circus at its best, this is it!