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Greatest of all time
Greatest of all time
Recycle that, would see again
Recycle that, would see again
Laughed so hard I cried
Laughed so hard I cried
Sexy fringe show
Sexy fringe show
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Greatest of all time
“Greatest of all time”
Reviewed by Donna S.
17 February 2024
Recycle that, would see again
“Recycle that, would see again”
Stunning talent from Velma Celli - it was a fabulous show, so entertaining and funny too!
Reviewed by Perry L.
30 January 2024
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Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Emma Basc | 25 January 2024

Do not miss this show!


Winner of the weekly cabaret award on their opening night and it’s not hard to see, hear and feel why!


Velma Celli is joined by Joe Louis Robinson on keys and boy do they make an impressive team! Velma is a powerhouse vocalist and laugh-out-loud funny paired with Joe who is a talented pianist with a great voice and who did a brilliant job keeping Velma on track and organised!


Velma 100% knows how to work a crowd and create an amazing atmosphere. The whole audience was transformed into an African choir one moment, had torches swaying the next and was up on our feet dancing and singing the next!


The only downside to the show (apart from it not being anywhere near long enough, I totally would have loved another hour!) was the small venue and small audience. This show and these performers should be packed out and sold out! The whole audience left laughing and feeling light and uplifted. More people need to experience that! Saying that, you never would have known that it was a small audience, I have a feeling that it wouldn’t matter if Velma was playing to 5 or 500, it would still be an uplifting, engaging and memorable performance.


Definitely an hour really well spent and having seen seven Fringe shows this year and around 100 over the last few years, this is up there in my top two this year (equal first with one other) and top five of all time!