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Sexy fringe show
Sexy fringe show
Recycle that, would see again
Recycle that, would see again
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Recycle that, would see again
“Recycle that, would see again”
Amazing show, such talented performers, hilarious host. 10/10!
Reviewed by Jessica K.
26 January 2024
Sexy fringe show
“Sexy fringe show”
Great show with sexy performers and fun routines!
Reviewed by Sarah W.
25 January 2024
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Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Paul Meek | 20 January 2024

Local troupe Scarlet Bell Burlesque return to FRINGE WORLD in 2024 with Bells in Boots, their root-tooting, knee-slapping salute to both types of music, country and western.


Special mention goes to Elle Entice, starting in a satin gown and fringed cowboy hat, almost floating across the stage with what can only be described as a nonchalant confidence, her act, scored to Girl Crush by Little Big Town, both glorious and beautiful.


Also a shout out to Mistress Mustang, performing tonight as Nana Stang, the sauciest senior in the spotlight, who has attached a hobby horse to her glittered-up walking frame, then lassos a willing cowpoke in the front row, and puts her back out while attempting to twerk.


MC Delvira Midnight keeps the transitions and introductions going at pace, their quick-witted banter while interacting with the crowd another highlight of the show. The line “if your partner’s not here, you’re single” especially of the moment, of the place.


The other performers enjoying themselves immensely, each interpreting the brief entirely differently, from slow and sensual, to a pulsating dance beat, to whimsical cutesy horseplay, wide smiles on all their faces.

From Tammy Wynette to Shania, Old Town Road to Pony, drag queen lip synchs to some very energetic line dancing from the audience, there is an ease and charm to the evening that ramps up the camp factor to an extremely entertaining degree.


At times Bells in Boots feels less like a festival show, and more a good night out with friends and community at a favoured gay bar. Which, in so many ways, it is. The audience absolutely here for it, enthusiastically hooting and hollering along to every tassel twirl, double entendre, or Dolly Parton reference.


Perhaps the FRINGE WORLD equivalent of comfort food, Scarlet Bell having provided a celebration of burlesque, tease, and acceptance of self, all to a wonderfully on-theme soundtrack.