Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Mia Fraser | 17 January 2024

CIRCUS The Show has all the ingredients of a great family show - laughs for the kids, audience engagement and genuinely talented tricks. We were treated to juggling, magic, hula hooping, rope acrobatics and a giant balloon finale, as well as a mid-show audience dance-off. The kids of the audience were quite literally on the edge of their seats, with most unable to stay seated at all. Our ‘ringmaster’ host excelled at engaging the younger audience members and encouraged them to shout out as they wished, “this is a circus, which is almost the exact opposite of a classroom” he said.


I think the show could have benefited from more humour aimed at the adults and some of the tricks felt like they could have been elevated. It was clearly thoroughly engaging for the kids but for the adults and preteens of the audience, there were a few moments of more limited engagement. With that in mind, I would say this show is appropriate for a 3 to 10-year-old audience, with those who seemed to have the most fun between 5 and 8 years old.


Despite this, it was a great show. The highlight was definitely the rope aerialist who dazzled in a gorgeous sparkly outfit as she swung from the ceiling. There were numerous moments where I audibly gasped as she spun, twirled and at one point plummeted from the ceiling before catching herself. The hour show passed quickly and the foyer was buzzing afterwards as the kids swarmed the star performers. As well as entertaining, the show had a wholesome message of following your dreams. Seeing all the lit-up faces I am certain there will be many kids who will be inspired to try their hand at juggling, magic, hula hooping or acrobatics after watching the show. This is a show young kids will love and adults will leave feeling good about.