Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Leah Worthington | 22 February 2023

Presented by Skye High Burlesque, 007 – License to Thrill, does what all good James Bond films do; have you on the edge of your seats wanting more!

The show is hosted by the incomparable Camden Champagne who introduces a bevy of talented burlesque dancers and singers to tantalise the audience. She also threw in some fun James Bond facts and trivia for good measure.

The show was a mix of captivating burlesque and singing performances, all set to the sultry sounds of James Bond Theme songs. Some of the performers I recognised from previous FRINGE WORLD shows, and clearly experts in their arts, however for a few of them it was their first Fringe performance ever (you guys were great!)

Some of my personal favourite performances from the night were the sizzling Wild Kat who performed as herself and as one half of Promenade A Deux, and the incredible Aria Scarlett with her absolutely magnificent pipes… singing pipes that is! The costumes of all of the performers were a huge highlight as well, absolutely dazzling.

Then only real thing that let the production down was the venue. I am a big fan of The Edison as a bar/nightclub, however the floorplan didn’t really work for this type of show. The venue was quite crowded with a mix of seating and unless you were sitting in one of the 15 or so seats right at the front of the stage, you missed a lot of what was happening in the performances. Additionally, the bar was open throughout the show, so it detracted from the performance a little bit, as people lining up right where the performers were making their way to the stage.

If you are planning to see the show, best bet is to get in as early as you can to nab the best seats, and get all of your drinks ordered before the show starts!

That being said, the show was fabulous and is perfect for fans of James Bond, burlesque or those wanting a great night out!