Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Casey Mulder | 22 February 2023

What a way to finish FRINGE WORLD Festival 2023!

I’d rushed from another venue and made it to the Perth Town Hall just prior to Joe White taking the stage. He was the perfect host, and I could quickly see why this show has been so highly regarded in previous seasons.

On this occasion we had the honour of seeing Joe then Akau Jambo, Ruven Govender and Xavier Susai take to the stage. Each of these comedians had the crowd rolling. I was confident someone in front of me was close to collapsing off her chair during Akau Jambo’s set! I enjoyed each set-up every bit as much as the punchlines. These four are brilliant comedic storytellers. Their jokes landed with precision, and the crowd responded uproariously.

Add Best of Africa to your 2024 ‘must-see’ list now.