Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Emma Basc | 20 February 2023

Ok, lets be real; burlesque at Fringe can be hit and miss. Finding a ‘good’ burlesque show that is standalone burlesque and not a good routine as a part of a cabaret show can be challenging. I’ve seen my fair share of misses over the years, but this was different. A brilliant show with skilled and talented dancers and so much laughter!

Host, Roxy Stardust, is a big personality and she filled the room making everyone feel connected and included. She had us laughing with her and at her while she entertained us with beautiful costumes, song, dance, and stories.

The show was filled with performers from Scotland, UK, Europe and a West Aussie claimed burlesque icon. There were a range of performances from a more ‘traditional’ burlesque show (although I was VERY, unnecessarily it turned out, worried what the burlesque bunny was going to do with the carrot!) to slightly more unusual cos play burlesque and everything in between. Never fear, there was all the traditional elements of stockings, gloves (all be it surgical at times), feathers and pasties with added surprises of magic, glitter, aliens and sword play.

In marketing we ask ‘who is your target audience?’ I have no idea how Roxy Stardust and the team at Viva GlasVegas define their target audience. It was filled with people of all ages, genders, and demographics. The only thing everyone seemed to have in common was ‘out for a good night, and up for a laugh’. Roxy delivered in true Scottish fashion!

My plus one last night is what I call an ‘open minded innocent’. Normally at shows, her only response is nervous laughter. Last night Roxy made everyone feel so comfortable and welcomed that my plus one was hooting and hollering, shouting encouragement, answering questions and was generally totally transformed. She left with a huge smile saying ‘… that was such good fun! I really enjoyed that!’ That pretty much sums it up! It was great fun, the whole audience really enjoyed the show and as we left so many were saying ‘oh that was great! Who was your favourite? I can’t pick!’

I hope Viva GlasVegas will be back at Fringe next year!