Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Emma Basc | 20 February 2023

Dolly Diamond and Tash York are a dynamic duo! Hosted by Fringe at The Little Palais it is an intimate venue which brings the audience up close and personal with the performers. Perfect for audience participation and interaction. (Also, thanks to Fringe for the plush cushions on the benches! So much better than those individual cushions that fall off the metal riser benches in other tents!)

Dolly and Tash play off each other, and the audience, beautifully. They laugh with and at each other, with and at the audience and the hour passed in a moment! The show is called Attention Seekers and while I thought it was referring to themselves, it seems almost the whole audience identified as attention seeking. It can make for a hard performance when you have a room full of big personalities, but Dolly and Tash seemed to thrive on the energy.

The show was great fun, stories that made us laugh, costumes that ranged from gorgeous to OMG laugh out loud funny, wigs, glitter and song. Wow the songs! Tash York is a powerhouse vocalist and while the lyrics had me laughing, the music gave me chills.

For me, this felt like ‘old school drag’, with the exception of Tash being an A FAB (assigned female at birth), there was adult humour without any nastiness, singing, stories, drag icons; Liza, Dolly, and Cher made an appearance. It was fun and there was swearing and crude inuendo etc but it wasn’t vulgar and in your face shock value. There was vulnerability (which takes great strength), kindness, friendship and belonging.

Timeslots are so hard, early shows often are too early and later shows don’t sell out because we have all gotten out of the habit of going out and staying out so a 9.30pm show is ‘too late’ for many. It isn’t! That is the only reason I can think this show isn’t a sell out! Do yourself a favour, stay up a bit later and go and see this show!