Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Nanci Nott | 20 February 2023

An Actual Variety Show is indeed an actual variety show; beautifully curated, vibrantly hosted, and thoroughly captivating.

Foxxxy Curves and her amazing performers – diverse in terms of style and form – wowed Friday’s sold out crowd. Every show has a different lineup framed by the same vivacious host, Foxxxy Curves, whose charisma is as bright as her costume.

On this particular evening, the talented Miss Flo Jangles opened with comedic flair, adapting modern tunes with her tap-lesquey vintage tantalisation.

Pupperotica – the rudest puppets you’re likely to encounter – discussed sin, guilt, and sacrificial dignity. Some amusing audience participation preceded intentionally terrible erotica full of women “breasting forward” (breastily), as told by smallish felt-people.

Kiara Klimax – a waist-cinched mime accompanied by a Radiohead cover – brought cheeky dimensions to an out-of-the-box art form, before a music trivia game got the audience singing along,

Fiona Fyrebird shimmered her way across the stage with lights, wings, spintastic fans, and the glamour of electricity in the context of LED dancing.

Comedian Gillian Cordiner’s hilarious Scottish perspective to living in Midland and experiencing back-boobs incited raucous laughter, before Damon Bucholz performed sideshow magic with feats of hilarious telepathy.

Ruby Derrière was the cherry on top of the night with some Breaking Bad inspired burlesque. Yes, her act involved baggies of blue and suits of yellow, and yes, it was aesthetic, fun, and visually unforgettable.

Funny, cheeky, and endlessly entertaining, An Actual Variety Show more than delivers on the implicit promise of a well-fitting name.