Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Leah Worthington | 20 February 2023

Only comedy show I’ve been to at fringe that ended with a standing ovation, so you know you’ll be in for a good time!

After growing up with him on TV, seeing Rove live on stage after so long was like seeing your favourite cool uncle at a family event after he’s been travelling overseas for years. You just can’t wait for all the weird and wonderful stories that he is about to tell you!

Rove is clearly no stranger to live comedy and though we haven’t seen him on our screens in recent years, the man looks calm and confident as he struts about stage (ridiculously confident, some might say).

His comedy is full of twists, turns, and random tangents, however as far as he may stray from his original story, he always manages to bring it bring the tale back to the point just in time for the knockout punchline. Some of those punches definitely hit better than others, but even some of the lamer lines got a giggle out of the crowd.

There were lots of stories about and references to his family, and some of his lingo showed that he was really channelling his target audiences of older millennials and young gen X-ers (I haven’t heard anyone else say “munted” in a looooooong time!)

If you like your comedy gritty, raw, and dark… this ain’t the show for you bud. Rove is absolutely overflowing his cup with positivity and joy, and it comes out in his comedy. Everything story that Rove tells, he does it in the funniest and entertaining way possible.

For people who have grown up with Rove on television, this show will be like a hilarious trip down memory lane, however it is also just a purely great comedy show if you are brand new to all that is Rove.