Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Megan Hogan | 17 February 2023

Jessie Gordon is well known as one of Perth’s best jazz singers, a folk songwriter and fashionista, but her latest FRINGE WORLD Festival show Jessie Gordon Quits the Band will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about the songstress.

Showcasing her incredible talent for writing original music Jessie Gordon Quits the Band is a chance for Jessie to reveal all the talent she has hidden up her stylish sleeves. Joined on stage by Lucky Oceans on the pedal steel, Pete Evans on drums, Nick Abbey on the double bass, Jon Knox Matthews with copious amounts of ‘shredding’ guitar, Emily Gelineau on the violin and Mark Turner on guitar there is more talent on stage than should be allowed. With such incredibly talented performers the entire show is flawlessly put together.

Belting out amazing original tunes like Phoenix, Hold my Heart and Summer Rain Jessie’s signature vocal range is really showcased, filling The Ellington to the brim with both her voice and her stage presence. An intimate venue like The Ellington is perfect for a show like this, it feels more like you’re spending an evening with your friends than watching a bunch of (stupidly talented) musicians on stage.

With bluegrass, gospel and blues tunes that will have you grooving along in your chair, Jessie really blurs the lines between musical genres, and her lyrical genius is on display with songs like Fill Me Up With Words, Dissolve Me and Precious. My only criticism is that I (and the rest of the crowd) wanted more. Like another hour of more, I swear we could have stayed all night and still begged for one last song. Despite not wanting it to end, closing the show with namesake I’ll Quit The Band is perfect and I was humming the whole way home.

Jessie has talent in absolute bucket loads, and as such this is a show you cannot afford to miss this FRINGE WORLD Festival season. Do yourself (and your friends) a favour and go spend an evening grooving along with Jessie and her pals, she'll have you wanting to join the band!