Reviewed by: Fringefeed
Review by Steph Hale | 17 February 2023

The award winning Perth Cabaret Collective are back with another incredible show!

SLAMARET is a cabaret slam down with each act vying for your love and the prestigious SLAMARET crown. A variety show with the added edge of fierce competition, SLAMARET will have you dancing in your seat and woo girling like there’s no tomorrow. This show combines serious talent and light hearted fun for a jaw dropping showcase of modern cabaret.

The talent of each and every performer was outstanding. The show is different every night, with a new combo of acts each evening which absolutely works to its advantage. The improvisational aspects of the show were spot on and everyone on stage was clearly having as much fun as the audience. On the night I attended we were treated to a jam packed hour of mesmerizing burlesque, beloved jazz classics, unbelievable vocalists and a hilarious yet incredibly deft dancing duo.

Kudos to Perth Cabaret Collective for putting together another show that masterfully showcases their talent as musicians. I can not overstate the technical ability of this band comprised of the creme de la creme of WA musicians hand picked by MD Jess Herbert. I almost cried at one point, not from emotion but as a pure visceral reaction to the auditory perfection I was experiencing (I know how that sounds - but trust me!) I was completely blown away by the skill of literally every musician.

Fun, fresh and everything you want from a FRINGE WORLD show, SLAMARET is a knockout! Jazz lovers, cabaret lovers and fun lovers unite for an unbeliebable hour of entertainment. Don’t miss out on this high energy, fun filled night of hot jazz and even hotter talent.